Open Discovery Space

ODS Summer School 2014

The 2014 ODS Summer School will take place between the 13th and 18th of July 2014 in Attica, Greece.

The Open Discovery Space Summer School 2014 is a school development and innovation course, addressed to teachers and school leaders. The aim of the course is to support school innovation and to train teachers and leaders of European schools to act as successful change agents in their schools and to promote the development of their schools into open learning communities, and thus improve the quality of all aspects of schooling. The course is thus addressed to members of school staff who are already acting or are willing to act as committed mediators of innovation in their schools. It will be a participatory learning course, that will address participants’ and schools’ real needs. The participants will therefore be invited to monitor their schools’ profiles and assess their needs, as well as to acknowledge their own professional competences, so as to then set specific development goals. The course will also focus on promoting the opening-up of the school, and will therefore explore parental engagement in schooling as a key aspect that can foster innovation and facilitate school development and quality of learning. The course will include presentations of actual experiences, lectures, interviews, group-work, observations and some playful activities aimed to stimulate out-of-the-box thinking and innovation.

Participants: Primary and Secondary School teachers and school leaders from European countries. Participation in the course can be funded by the ERASMUS+ programme. More info on the eligible countries and on the process for appying is available here. The course, as well as all training material, will be delivered in English.


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