Open Discovery Space

How to adapt the Open Discovery Space approach in different countries – this is one of the key challenges in the project. As one of the first countries, Greenland now promotes the ODS approach with experts from schools and administration. One of the keys to success here is the integration into educational policies and the alignment with local needs. A two day workshop works out the main integration issues, critical success factors and implementation plans.

The Institute for Learning of the University of Greenland, Inerisaavik, hosts a two day workshop for policy makers, administrators, consultants and teachers in Nuuk on Nov. 13/14. The main goal of the workshop is to develop a localized implementation plan. Ole Thorleifsen from Inerisaavik is leading this workshop supported by the Jan Pawlowski and Henri Pirkkalainen from the University of Jyväskylä. Workshop participants elaborate on the local and regional needs and requirements. Based on these, concrete learning scenarios and implementation plans are developed to bring ODS into schools. Examples of promising learning scenarios are collaborative teaching activities between schools as well as specific scenarios for education (such as using remote telescopes) etc.

The challenge of the workshop is to integrate the advanced policies (“seven principles of learning”) and local needs (such as inclusion, cost issues) with the opportunities of Open Discovery Space. The workshop will bring local activities on the way, led by change agents in schools and school districts. This workshop will show how ODS can be brought into different educational systems integrated and aligned with existing initiatives and policies.

The results and documentation will be provided right after the workshop.

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