Open Discovery Space

WHAT: 2nd ODS Winter School, aiming to immerse teachers from across Europe in the process of resource based approaches via their interaction with a unique collection of open resources (linked with the associated curricula).

WHEN: 3-7 February 2014. The deadline for applications is September 17th, 2013.

WHERE: UAB Metis Baltic, J.Kubiliaus g. 6-7, 08234, Vilnius, Lithuania

WHO: The five-day ODS winter school programme is aimed at teachers interested in training to use new and freely available ICT tools which support their own needs in terms of planning, implementing and sharing pedagogical ideas.

HOW: Participation in this event is funded by the European Commission through the Comenius and Grundtvig programmes: therefore interested teachers or trainers can simply contact their relevant National Agency. The list of eligible countries (EU ones plus Turkey, Croatia, FYROM) and the contact details of the National Agencies can be found here. Also, the detailed guidelines on how to apply for a grant are displayed here.

Also on the Agenda: The conference will support teachers in developing multidisciplinary scenarios to help their students acquire new and creative skills, both in a classroom setting and online. Participants will receive training in a number of techniques including lectures, discussion, project teams, brainstorming, role playing, case studies, participants will be actively encouraged to collaborate and learn from eachother.

For any further information please contact our partners from Metis Baltic who are coordinating the organisation of the event (


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