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Open Discovery Space teamed up with 3 other, highly reputable, European projects to organise a special event in Budapest on 19-21 October 2013 at the EDEN Synergy Workshop – Transnational Learning Forum for Exchanging Practices and Ideas. The aim of the Workshop is to facilitate the collective development of new, feasible ideas and plans, the creation and strengthening of partnerships and to induce collaborations by engaging the conference participants in highly interactive and practical working group activities. As ODS aims to support teachers and trainers, parents and policy makers by seizing opportunities in using e-learning tools end methods in schools, a special strand is offered on 21 October by the University of Vienna & BG & BRG Schwechat school. During this part of the programme, experts will give theoretical and hands-on introduction on using e-learning tools and methodology in teaching natural sciences and foreign languages. Participants will have the chance to use the lessons learned on site in practice.

This event is in English, free of charge. Registration is required. To maximise their benefits, participants are encouraged to bring to the Workshop their own relevant projects/initiatives and discover basic points of synergy (meaning overlapping areas of activity and targeted goals and objectives) with others.

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