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The EU High Level Group on the modernisation of higher education in Europe has published its first report, which claims graduates can be “set on the path to success” with an education that “incorporates technology in learning”. The group, which is chaired by Mary McAleese, former President of the Republic of Ireland, argues “technology is increasingly offering us the possibility of the virtual faculty, the virtual college… which scours the world for the very best teachers and makes them available online to students globally”. The report welcomes the opportunities this presents for education in Europe, by increasing student expectations and integrating ICT to “enhance ‘traditional’ ways of delivering education”. For teachers, there is a note of caution, that new technologies will not only drive forward new and innovative learning methods, but increase standards too, urging that “Poor teachers beware!”.

The report makes 16 initial recommendations, including that higher education institutions should offer greater support to teachers to develop the “skills for online and other forms of teaching and learning opened up by the digital era”. The eight member panel includes leading experts from the fields of politics, technology and education from across Europe. It’s next report, due to be published in June 2014 has promised to examine in closer detail “new modes of delivering quality higher education” including online learning and e-resources to augment the traditional classroom experience.

This latest report is of particular interest to Open Discovery Space, as it highlights the rapid changes in how education is being practiced across the EU, and the commitment of leading experts and policy makers to embrace the opportunities new technologies provide to improve education and develop new and innovative tools for learning.

For more information please see the original article here or read the group’s full report online.


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