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The annual global meeting point for the education technology community (Bett Show) is set to launch at the Excel Centre in London-United Kingdom from the 22nd to the 25th of January 2014. It is expected to attract a buzzing crowd of thirty five thousand educators and learning professionals as seen last January. The event is an exciting opportunity for participants to witness the latest technologies in the education and learning sector and see the innovatory and resourceful solutions ready for adoption in the classrooms.

Learning technology at Bett covers many levels in education including primary, secondary, higher education and workplace learning and development. The event will be open four times from Monday to Friday at ten o’clock in the morning to six in the evening, and on the final Saturday will run from ten to four. At the event there will be a series of dynamic summits targeted at school leaders, universities and L&D departments and interactive peer led seminars including workshop sessions designed to galvanise and extract inspiration from attendees and provide practical guidelines on the utilisation of smart technologies and e-Learning techniques.Bett will showcase a vibrant pastiche of the most cutting edge electronic products emerging in the e-Learning market and pioneering or visionary projects. A few examples of the projects to be presented at the event will include Finnish e-Learning web based maths site ‘10 Monkeys‘ and the education charity Achievement for All 3As.

This event is important to Open Discovery Space as it is major event that will gather a large global traffic of educators to discuss the practices, future possibilities of eLearning and applications of education technology in a concentrated environment. For more information please see the official conference website

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