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The International Council for Open Research and Education (ICORE) are set to hold virtual meetings in July. ICORE met last March in Rome, Italy with relevant stakeholders to discuss the non profit organisation’s establishment and its primary future objectives for open research and open education. The meeting was a success, engaging over forty participants from more than twelve countries, making the event a great cross border opportunity for actor interaction and exchange of expertise. The attendees were from a multiplicity of sectors including computer science, information management, language learning, physics and literature, and gathered to discuss technology enhanced learning and the steps proposed for making research in the educational sector open and inclusive on an international level.

The virtual meetings planned for the 30th of July 2013 at 8:00 am and 4:00pm (UTC) open to all interested in the practice of open research and open education will further expand on ICORE’s activities, including its collection of case studies for digital resources repositories, a definition of ICORE’s basic principles and projected goals and the considered proposal for a joint report on the importance of open research and education.

ICORE seeks to foster communication and collaboration between policy makers at the national, European, international level, researchers, educators, students, commercial and non profit education providers to propel open research and education. The organisation seeks to achieve its goals by also administrating an on-line community portal for information exchange, organising scientific and educational events such as conferences and summer schools to promote its areas of interest and establish creative partnerships to advance open education and research. This event is of importance to ODS, as it will focus on the innovative association for the interconnection of open research and open education in the hopes of making knowledge more accessible, improve teaching and ameliorate learning performance.

For more information please see the original article here or if you wish to attend a meeting please contact the association through the official website.

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