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What is the CPDLab? CPDLab stands for Continuing Professional Development Lab, and is a two year project supported by the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme, an initiative designed to enable people to engage in learning experiences and develop the education and training sector in Europe. The framework of the project was delivered in three training courses for teachers at the secondary school level. The courses which successfully ran this summer are as follows, a session on the utilisation and knowledge familiarity of interactive whiteboards, a course on e-safety addressing current and concerning issues of cyber bullying through social media channels, how to improve e-safety policy and performance in schools and the responsible use of mobile phones and the internet. Lastly, the third course was concerned with future classroom scenarios and the implementation and dissemination of teaching and learning activities within these environments. The courses were designed to confront the gaps in knowledge and awareness within the three veins.A new course entitled Future Classroom: Adapting Pedagogical Practice has been revealed for the months of February and March in 2014 and is sure to be successful and highly insightful. The planned event will be a hand on practical workshop based experience designed to help teachers adapt their current pedagogical practices and learn new tools and skills. A consideration of the role of digital literacy skills for student and teacher and a rethink on collaboration and communication within the classroom and beyond and the adoption of new education technologies will be covered.

The target audience for these courses include secondary school trainers, teachers, policy makers and senior management. Moreover, the courses will be presented in a modular format to construct different learning paths according to the needs of different groups and will run over five days. The workshops will take hold in a Future Classroom Lab, a fully equipped reconfigurable teaching and learning space in the European Schoolnet office in Brussels, which will showcase the latest technologies.

These Living Lab initiatives are important to those operating within the educational sector, decision makers and IT experts involved with Open Discovery Space as it seeks to apply progressive educational practices and technology within controlled environments to improve learning performance and familiarise teachers with the current digitised revolution that is being firmly embedded within education. Success from programmes can in turn be rolled out on a larger scale.

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