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Recently this week of May, The TEL Map European Project funded by the European Commission, launched a survey documenting and detailing potential measures to improve supported innovative learning practices. TEL Map is a coordination and support programme under the ‘Technology Enhanced Learning programme. The idea of the project is to explore new initiatives in learning, analyse its feasibility, stimulate and galvanise awareness, supplement or provide knowledge on these initiatives and make socio economic evaluations.

The survey collected the opinions of teachers and those who worked in the educational field. The feedback stated that government should exploit free open online courses in schools at multiple levels, to bring existing courses to an extended audience and drive technological and economic innovations. Other suggestions included ‘flipped classrooms’, which is the idea that classroom structures could be inverted, with lectures being focused on at home and exercises to be focused on in class. Moreover, a proposal for ‘seamless learning’ was recommended. For example, seamless learning could be achieved by altering the classroom atmosphere by making it formal or informal, social or individualistic. Interestingly, adopting technologies in the classroom would be paramount to this stratagem of learning, as technology can have an interactive characteristic and aid learning dynamically in the classroom.

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